EDDM Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

Save thousands of dollars with our high impact, low cost hassle-free Every Door Direct Mail campaigns that are designed to generate and boost word of mouth business for you and your company.

This type of EDDM advertising gives your Las Vegas business a leg up on your competitors and an opportunity to get your company seen by a location targeted consumer market ready for your product or service!

Nearly 83% of shoppers would rather support local business than large corporation. (Source US Postal Service)

How Does Vegas Mailer Every Door Direct Mail Work?

Sure, we can help you with a stand alone EDDM campaign for your company. To save our clients money we created this type of EDDM campaign to help lower costs by combining multiple Las Vegas companies onto one large 9″ x 12″ high gloss postcard.

Get in front of 1000s of local buyers instantly

How Does Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Work?

Every Door Direct Mail is a service offered by the US Postal System. It allows businesses to send mailers to residents here in Las Vegas right in their mailboxes.

Las Vegas is divided by zip codes, in each zip code there are different routes. When we put an EDDM campaign together we choose a zip code, then in that zip code we you can choose the routes.

The USPS includes medium income statistics with each route, so you can see who your targeting.

These mailers are unique to this program. It has set sizes and guidelines to follow. This helps the USPS to automate the system and keep the costs down.

Every Door Direct Mail is the basis of our marketing program.

See How Our Program Works
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Generate More Sales for Your Las Vegas Business

When done correctly our combined Every Door Direct Mail program is a great marketing tool that can get you more customers at a much lower price than a solo card mailer.