Answers To Questions You May Have About Our Every Door Direct Program

We target various zip codes in the Las Vegas area, including Henderson and North Las Vegas.

We choose the top income routes to send all 10,000 postcards, so you have a higher likelihood of conversion.

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, are the best drop off days. People tend to be most productive midweek and will likely be sorting through their mail on these days. (Source US Postal Service)


If you have your own artwork we can use it. If you need our Graphic Designers to design your ad, we will do it for free (a $75 value).

Our postcards are printed on thick 16pt card stock with a UV glossy finish, so they stand out!

A QR Code stands for “Quick Response Code”. These special bar codes can be customized to perform different functions. The most popular use is to create a link to your website.

We can also design it to send a text to a number, or even add your contact information to a person’s phone when they scan it.

If you are viewing this on your computer, pull out your phone, open the camera app and point it at the code like you’re going to take a picture of it, and see what happens.

Vegas Mailers QR Code

We recommend at least 3 mailings to have the best effect.

Stand alone EDDM campaigns can be expensive, when you consider printing and postage for 10,000 mailers. Using our program we combine various Las Vegas companies on to 1 mailer so the shared costs bring the price you have to pay way down. This can save you thousands of dollars on your marketing!

NOT AT ALL! We highly recommend doing at least 3 mailings in a row. Repetition is key for a customer to remember your ad and service. Imagine if you saw a billboard once, would you be able to remember it? Businesses who do multiple mailings find better results because repetitive advertising WORKS!

EDDM Campaign banner